Plateau of Kaas- The Valley of Flowers


Kaas -where the earth laughs in flowers.      image3 image2

The kaas plateau is situated in the western ghats near satara and Yes! life seemed one pure delight when i reached seemed like a carpet of flowers where the carpets keep changing colours depending upon the dominent flower.



The kaas plateau was formed by a volcanic activity. The name kaas originates from the kaas tree of which the leaves turn red to green as it matures. The plateau is full of wild flowers in the month of august to september.


Its like joy upon the soil.


 Observe the dew drenched flowers Fluttering and dancing in the wind. Besides the lake, beneath the trees.

image11 image17

So,here’s to the kaas plateau where the earth seems to wear flowers in her hair and magic in her eyes.






Thank you..feel free to comment!

15 thoughts on “Plateau of Kaas- The Valley of Flowers

  1. Hello Siddhi. I saw the pictures. These pictures are very pleasant to see. It will take not more than a second for anyone to make a place for these wonderful pics into his/her eyes forever. Best wishes for you and I hope i will get to see many more from your camera.

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  2. Hey, the pictures are really wonderful, good to see your passion shaping into a big thing, waiting for next round of clicks. Good luck for your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. wonder pics siddhi……u have really evolved as an matured photographer & its good, that u r nurturing ur talent at its best. Hope to see much more breath taking pics from ur soul mate.

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  4. Hi Siddhi, Just Wonderful ! Last photo of green leaves is amazing !! I am sure u would make ur new camera worthy. Feeling proud of u. God bless u ! Keep clicking !! Vishwaskaka

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  5. Sid, photography was ur best kept secret till a while back!!
    I am glad u have let ur imagination meet exposures lined up for u, to turn u into this fine photographer!
    Absolutely love ur piece of work! Eagerly waiting to see ur next blog on beautifully captured pics!
    To the kick-ass photographer in u- Cheers!!


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