Vishrambaug wada- Pune’s best kept secret!

Its not the beauty of the building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of David Allan coe The vishrambaug wada- Vishram (Rest) baug (Garden) wada (Homestead) DSC_3107_Fotor

DSC_3119_Fotor This magnificent mansion has a rich ancient indian past under the marathas. so, lets start with the history first- its was built by the last pheshwa, Bajirao-II as his residence.The beautiful wada is a three storied building and is also known as the “Teen Chowki” wada. Built in 1811 This beautiful wada has eye catching wooden fascade and columns carved in the SURU (Cypress shaped) form. Its made of great dark processed saag (teak) columns and cream walls. Intriately curved ornamental tear drop teak pillars.The banana flower emblishment are characteristic to the peshwa-era.




DSC_3114_Fotor     DSC_3124_Fotor The structure is famous for its fine entrance and the balcony with carved woodwork.two mythodological figures called “Vvyal” buttres the “Meghambari” a cantilever balcony. the ceiling of the entrance is also supported by ornate winged lion corbets



The vishrambaug wada tells the rich history of pune- during the british rule the wada was used as a prison then in 1821, a sanskrit school was started in vishrambaug wada then it was the goverment college of engineering, deccan college, pune university. Initially the mansion was a poona corporation office till 1958. the wada is now a post office and a few other goverment officesrun here.



To the history of PUNE…THANK YOU

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