Celebrating! Prosperity,Happiness and Togetherness…GANESH FESTIVAL


Lord Ganesh is considered the God of wisdom,prosperity and has been worshiped right from the Vedic times. The great Ganesh festival is celebrated by Hindus all around the world.

It is believed that the elephant headed Lord with Mooshak (rat) as his vehicle was created by Goddess Parvati from sandalwood dough. The birth of Lord Ganesh is celebrated during mid august to mid september which falls on the bright half of Bhadrapad shukla.

it is celebrated in the grandest form in Maharashtra west of India. This festival lasts for 10 days the starting day called as”Vinayak chaturthi” and the last day called as “Anant chaturdashi”



In Pune, Ganesh festival is being celebrated since the days of the Maratha empire later on,the Peshwa’s as Ganesh was their family deity.

Lokmanya Tilak, was in great distress about the country’s freedom. so, he started public Ganesh Utsav his motive was to unite people and strengthen the patriotic Indians. Hindus came together for the festival which became a source of political awakening against he British.



A clay model of Lord Ganesh is made in various sizes and shapes. On the day of the festival people take the idol home for 10 days. Huge community tents are made where the idol is placed with elaborate decorations for people to view and pay their homage.

On the final day of the festival the Ganesh idol is taken through the streets in a procession and immersed in the river or any waterbody.


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DSC_3798_Fotor DSC_3779_Fotor



Today this festival is he most colourful and joyful events in the religious,social and cultural life of India, especially that of Pune.

12 thoughts on “Celebrating! Prosperity,Happiness and Togetherness…GANESH FESTIVAL

  1. Very nice. The pics are indeed very good,depicting the very famous Ganeshotsav celebrated all over Maharashtra. Keep it up.!!


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