Sinhagad Fort…where history is trapped.

Sinhagad means “the lion’s fort”



Pune is well known for its forts and hilly areas. Around 25 kilometres south west of pune this fort is about 4400 feet high from the sea level. Located on the Bhuleshwar ranges of the sahyadri mountains.This fort has a long history it was called “Kondana” after the sage Kaundinya. According to the information available the fort was built 2000 years ago.


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This fort has witnessed a number of battles. The most famous battle being the Battle of Sinhagad was a night battle that took place on February 4, 1670 in the fort of Sinhagad. It was fought between Tanaji Malusare, a commander of Maratha king Shivaji and Udaybhan Rathod, fortkeeper under Jai Singh I and Ibrahim Adil Shah I. Tanaji’s army won the war but at the cost of Tanaji’s life. Upon hearing the news of the capture of the fort at the cost of Tanaji’s life, Shivaji was greatly aggrieved and is said to have remarked, “Gadh aala, pan Sinha gela” – “The fort is gained but the lion is lost”. The fort was renamed from Kondana to Sinhagad, in honour of Tanaji.



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In the Maratha period sinhagad played a crucial role in defending Pune. The National Defence Academy trains its army cadet’s right under the shadows of sinhagad.

The upper surface of the fort is undulating and retains few buildings,ruins of temples,tombs and towers.

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In addition to being a favourite weekend retreat,it is also a popular trekking destination. what fascinated me the most was the flora and fauna. It is a bird lovers paradise.




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