Nepal- Chitwan National Park


Nature at its best at Chitwan National Park. I visited this place earlier this year. The moment I reached this place the sense of freshness hit me the beautiful surrounding, polite people and the amazing atmosphere.

It had been raining for the past few days when I reached Chitwan the roads were washed and the air was clear the place is famous for its flora and fauna. Chitwan is inhabited by the Tharu people. These people cultivate rice and the paddy field along the roadside stretched till the horizon. The beautiful green paddy fields against the white snow clad mountains.

when I checked into the hotel I was to stay at due to the rains the place was glorified with a variety and abundance of flowers it was a sight I would never forget.

Chitwan is famous for its wildlife particularly for the one-horned rhinoceros and the best way to approach these grasslands is on the back of a well-trained elephants. Well, it rained that afternoon as well and so I was unable to click pictures but never the less really enjoyed the jungle safari on the elephant back and spotted a few rhinos and the amazingly dreadful canoeing ride in a wooden boat (one hell of an experience) we were asked not to dip our hands in water, later to realise it was because the river was filled with crocodiles.

The elephant breeding farm has a different charm the elephants are brought in from India and trained by the Indians and the only language they understand, is Hindi this was a pretty amazing fact. I guess the best time to visit this place is April because the seasons are changing and the climate is at its best around this time of the year.

so, here is the photo gallery of Chitwan.





The golden paddy fields at sunset.


The jungle safari-




The one-horned rhinoceros-


And these pretty flowers.



Through the dancing poppies-




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