Nepal : Pokhara


Pokhara is indeed a city of lakes and caves.

Holiday at the very foot of the Himalayas. Despite the site of the snowclad mountains Pokhara is several degree warmer. The best way to travel around Pokhara is taxi it’s inexpensive, fast and the taxi driver acts as your guide to the new place. Numerous trail’s lead to the Annapurna ranges, making it a superb trekking headquarters.


The Fishtail mountain is visible from any rooftop in the city.

This is the place where you can see a picturesque sunrise. I absolutely love to see the sunrise and amidst the Himalayas with early morning mist is a stunner. Look at the glory of it always a new pattern, always a new sunrise.


Phewa lake



The lakeside is a pretty spectacular place I could sit there, for hours just looking at the magnificent mountains. one can enjoy a lot of adventure sports in the Pokhara valley. Small colourful dots appear in the sky its, people taking  a short trip of the valley while paragliding or in an ultralight aircraft.



Gupteshwar caves




It is right across from Devi’s fall.

One can witness were the water from the Devi’s fall goes, the cave is the answer the 3 km’s long cave with large and small passages where you have to crawl on all four to view and hear the waterfall in full strength.


Crystal deposition on the wall of the caves.




A river flows through Pokhara which passes through limestones due to which, it appears milky white.DSC_9553_Fotor


Pokhara is though a perfect shopping destination in Nepal to shop for Tibetan jewellery, woollen wear and colourful umbrellas.




This concludes my visit to Nepal, had a spectacular time there.

well and this is also the last blog post for the year 2015. let’s prepare for the travel and the adventure that awaits in the year to come. Happy travel and Happy blogging!











9 thoughts on “Nepal : Pokhara

  1. Amazing pics you have here. 🙂
    Made me yearn even more to visit Nepal.
    Glad to have found your blog. Looking forward to reading more from you.
    Happy travels!


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